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Zwar Family Tree


A family tree starting from six Zwar siblings from Drehsa, Saxony

Johann and Anna Zwahr, nee Hennersdorf, married in 1812 and had eleven children, six of whom grew to adulthood. This website is primarily concerned with tracing the families of these six children. The six are represented by the letters A – F, from oldest to youngest,  and each has also been assigned a colour to show which part of the tree future descendants belong to.


Their grandparents were Peter Zwahr who married Maria Mickan in 1773.


Their great-grandparents can be traced back 300 years to Martin (b. circa 1712) and Maria Zwahr (d. 1782).


Six Family Trees – a work in progress!

I am currently working on detailed family tree diagrams for each of the 6 siblings. You can see my progress below.

(A) Andreas

Andreas was the oldest son who remained in Saxony but his son, Ernst, emigrated to Australia in 1880.

Click here to see his family tree

(B) Johann

Johann emigrated to Australia in 1851 with a wife and daughter.

Click here to see the first two generations of his family tree

(C) Peter

Peter emigrated to Australia in 1854 with his bride.

Click here to see the first three generations of his family tree.

Click(D) Maria

Maria is the only female and we know very little about her life in Saxony. Read Maria’s Biography for the few details we have.

Click here to see her family tree

(E) Michael

Michael was the first of the family to emigrate to Australia – in 1850.

Click here to see the first three generations of his family tree.

(F) Karl

Karl, the youngest, remained in Saxony.

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