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The South Australian Register

24 April, 1900

> Death of Hermann Zwar - click to read full article

The full article reads as follows:

“APILLA, April 18 1900″

A fatal accident happened – a few days ago on the farm of Mr. Peter Zwar, jun., when his eldest child, a boy five years old, was killed. The children were sent to the haystack to play, and had been away only about five minutes. When the mother became anxious and, as she was ill in bed, sent the grandmother to see to them. The Grandmother found them in the barn, where she got a terrible shock; A lot of manure which was stacked in bags had slipped and fell on two of the children. The little boy’s legs only were to be seen. When he was taken out it was found that his neck was broken. His little sister, who was partly covered, escaped with a few scratches. The fatality is rendered more painful as an infant son was born in the home about the sams time.”

The Advertiser

Monday 27 January 1941

> Great Flood Damage In Country! Dramatic save at Laura - click to read full article

The hasty building of a sandbag barricade at Laura stemmed the biggest flood the district has known in 60 years and saved most of the town…

The Advertiser

26 May 1910

> Death of Magdalena Zwar - click to read full article

WIRRABARA. May 23. On Thursday last, after three months’ illness, Mrs. M. Zwar, wife of Mr. P. Zwar, farmer, of Wirrabara, quietly passed away. She arrived 56 years ago, and was 79 years old. Mr. Zwar still survives, together with his sons, three daughters, 58 grandchildren, and eight great-grandchildren…

The Advertiser

15 September 1905

> Peter Zwar Clearance Sale - click to read full article

BAGOT, SHAKES, & LEWIS LIMITED, have received instructions from Mr Peter Zwar, who has sold his farm, to sell, by auction, without reserve:

11 Superior Draught Horses
2 2 year old Draught,
1 Yearling
7 Good Milk Cows,
12 Young Cattle …


The Broadford Courier and Reedy Creek Times

Saturday 5 September 1891

> John Zwar letter to Editor: Value of Sunday School - click to read full article


Sir. There’ are a certain class of very respectable citizens in a great number of towns throughout the colony, who call public meetings and pass resolutions condemnatory to our State school system, and who evidently imagine they advocate public opinion; I anticipated some abler pen than mine taking up the cudgels, and vindicating our Education Act from the unfair aspertions which they have cast upon it.…

The Argus

Monday 25 February 1935

> Obituary Albert Zwar MLC - click to read full article

After a long illness Mr. A. M. Zwar, of Beechworth, who had represented the North-Eastern province in the Legislative Council since 1922, died in the Ovens District Hospital on Saturday afternoon. He was aged 71 years…