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Lucia (Lucy) Emma Magdalene HAUSCHILD nèe ZWAR (C8.3)

  • Born: 26 September 1902. Port Pirie, South Australia
  • Parents:
    Charles Jacob and Johanna Pauline Marie Zwar (nee Will)
    • Married:
    • 9th November 1935 in the Crossville Church to Cyril Hermann HAUSCHILD
  • Lived:
    Port Pirie, Mangalo, the Prospect suburb of Adelaide, all in South Australia
  • Died: 21 July 1971, Adelaide, South Australia
  • Buried: Medindie, South Australia

Detailed Biography

Early Years

Lucy, as she was known, was born on 26th September, 1902 at Port Pirie, South Australia. She was the third child and eldest daughter of Charles Jacob and Johanna Pauline Marie Zwar (nee Will). Her oldest brother, Herbert, died in 1899, aged only 14 months. Brother Oscar was born 7.3.1900, then sister Crispina “Crissy’ 26.7.1904, and brother Harrold on 16.11.1908. Her mother, Marie, died on 16.3.1911.

On 30.4.1917, her father married Emma Marie Louisa Staehr, and siblings Fredrich was born on 6.3.1918, but died after only 6 months; Rex born on 3.5.1921 but died in his teens at only 14 years; and Rita, born 2.9.1923.

Her childhood was spent on the family farm some 10km south east of Port Pirie, and schooling was at Pirie Blocks State School, travelling there by horse and buggy. Pt. Pirie was part of the Appila Lutheran Parish, and she would have been confirmed there, in the foothills of the Flinders Ranges.

Eyre Peninsula

The family sold the farm and moved to Eyre Peninsula to share farm for her mother’s uncle, Fred Will, at Mangalo, north of Cleve.

The family were faithful worshipers at Crossville Lutheran Church, east of Cleve, and it is likely that Lucy met her future husband, Cyril Hermann Hauschild through his cousins who were also members there. Her brother Oscar was married to Vera Hauschild, one of those cousins, and perhaps they met at that wedding on 4th October 1928.


Lucy and Cyril were married in the Crossville Church on 9th November, 1935. They lived in Carter Street, Prospect. Their house was on the northern side of the street. The imaginary line that divided Prospect from the ‘upper crust’ suburb of Thorngate ran down the middle of the street. Cyril was a self employed builder.

Lucy did not enjoy good health, and in her lifetime endured a reported 26 operations for various afflictions. Unable to have children of their own, Lucy and Cyril adopted a red headed baby, Joylene Dawn Hauschild, born 23rd September, 1949.

Lucy deceased on 21st July, 1971, and Cyril on 24th January, 1984.

After a long battle with cancer, Joylene succumbed on 17th November, 2008.

All of Lucy’s generation have long since passed on, and those relatives of the next generation I have contacted have been unable to provide any information about Lucy’s interests or community involvement. I do remember, however, that Lucy was a ‘one eyed’ supporter of the North Adelaide Football Club, and attended matches whenever she could. I also recollect that Lucy made some of her families clothing on her sewing machine. A friend of Joylene’s when they were both high school age has told me she would look forward to freshly baked streusel kuchen (German yeast cake) when she’d visit.

“As a tribute to his wife Lucy, after her death Cyril began collecting the names and details of the Zwar Families in Australia. He drove many kilometres and interviewed many of her relatives. Following his passing his daughter passed  his valuable research on to me. It became the basis for the research that I and my cousin Gwenda Obst would develop over many more years to make this Zwar website possible.” Kevin P Zwar.


©  Compiled by Alan Zwar, son of Lucy’s brother Harrold, February 2014. What I have been able to put together above is from ‘family tree’ research done by Cyril and others, plus my own recollections. Whenever my family visited Adelaide for medical, shopping or business reasons, we were mostly accommodated by Auntie Lucy and Uncle Cyril.