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The following  sets of photos relate to the Becker Family.

I would appreciate your help in filling in the gaps in the captions. If you recognise anyone in the photos, Contact us with the information.

> “Becker – Front Lawn Photos”

Over the years, many people were photographed on the front lawns of “The Willows”, the Becker home, near Laura in South Australia. If you can help identify anyone, provide any dates or interesting commentary, please contact me!

> Bartsch Family

Linda Becker married Walter Bartsch.

> Rita Becker (married Edgar Zwar) Photo Album

Photo album of Ed and Rita Zwar and Family

> Rita Zwar nee Becker

The first child of Richard and Emma Becker

> The Becker Collection

A wide variety of Becker photos.

> Pine Creek Lutheran Church, Appila

> Pine Creek School, Appila

The building was used for Lutheran Church services and as a school from about 1877, and then as ‘The School’ after the new Church was dedicated in 1901. The school closed in 1975.